The CMVP400 is composed of a cantilever beam that oscillates back and forth synchronously with a rotating disc, and the cantilever beam is designed to repeat one cycle at the same amplitude as the disc at the time of one revolution of the disc. If you look at the trajectory of a point on the circumference of the disc moving with time after the disc is set up vertically (with the rim on the front), you can see that it moves by sine wave. This experimental device is a training kit to understand the relationship between displacement, speed and acceleration accurately and to learn the ability to use variables according to application.

Detailed Description

It is a simple device consisting of a cantilever that vibrates in synchronization with the rotation of the disc. Using a tachometer, the number of revolutions is displayed in revolutions per minute (RPM), so you can get accurate angular velocity (w= 2pf).
Displacement, velocity, and acceleration can be obtained simply by multiplying the radius of the disc (r = 75mm) by the angular velocity (w = 2pf).

• Consisting of rotating disk and cantilever beam
• Measuring the number of revolutions using a tachometer
• Calculation the linear velocity of rotating disk
• Understanding the relationship between displacement, velocity and acceleration

• Learning of rotational motion and linear motion
• Learning displacement, velocity, and acceleration
• Calculation of displacement, velocity, and acceleration
• Learning angular velocity
• Learning of phase difference in displacement, velocity, and acceleration
• Training students at the technical college and vocational institute
Motor: 90V 20W 3000RPM BLDC Motor
Controller: 90V, 300W, Soft start and Low speed torque compensation
Motor Speed Range: 120-3000RMP adjustable with potentiometer.
Speed Reduction: 2.14:1 with pulley diameter 60:28
Output speed range: 60RPM ~1400RPM
Rotating disk: Dia 150mm,
Cantilever beam: 390mm
Physical size: LxWxH = 720x270x270 [mm] Weight: 5kg