A set of actual motor and pump assemblies designed to perform shaft alignment exercises by applying dial gauge or laser alignment tool for machine alignment. The soft foot and sprung foot are reproduced and the dial gauge is installed. By applying the rim & face method or the reverse dial indicator method, it is possible to conduct the exercise to calculate the shaft misalignment graphically and calculate the shim to put on the front and rear legs.It is also an ideal shaft alignment training equipment that allows you to practice precise alignment with ease using laser technology and shaft alignment software.

Detailed Description

The field machine has mostly soft foot and the moving side is higher so it is necessary to lower the machine or to raise the fixed side machine instead. Also, if you can not install two dial gauges it is not easy to achieve shaft alignment within 5/100 mm on site by learning with the laboratory shaft alignment kit. Therefore, it is advantageous to study using the same shaft alignment training device as the actual field machine. The SAT-3000 is a set of actual motor and pump assemblies used in the field and is designed to apply various technologies for machine alignment. You can use the Rim & Face method or the Reverse Dial Indicator method to measure offsets and misalignments, calculate them graphically, and calculate the shims to be placed on the front and back legs.

* Actual machines used in the field

* Angular misalignmentt and parallel misalignment in horizontal and vertical directions

* Reproduce soft foot and sprung foot conditions

* Enough space to install shaft alignment tool

* Can rotate 360 ​​° shaft alignment device

* Supplied standard shim set for vertical misalignment (optional)

* Horizontal alignment Jack bolt installed for moving legs

* Various techniques for shaft alignment (Dial gauge and laser technology)

* Comparison of Rim & Face Method and Reverse Dial Indicator Method

* Shaft alignment learning with dial gauge without special alignment jig

* Rim & Face method

* Reverse Dial Indicator method

* Comparison of Rim & Face Method and Reverse Dial Indicator Method

* Laser shaft alignment training

* Shaft alignment diagram and shim calculation

* Finding solutions to soft foot and sprung foot

Mechanical Specifications
motor 750 W, shaft diameter 24 mm, diameter 50 mm sleeve
Pump 750 W, shaft diameter 24 mm, diameter 50 mm sleeve
Shaft Diameter 50mm, Steel
Shaft spacing Sufficient space for installing dial gauges to 220 mm
Shaft height 132mm
Coupling 160mm diameter flange coupling
Pump rotation Rotate or lock 360 degrees
Foundation base Precision-machined steel base
Size Width x Depth x Height = 910x400x380 mm
weight About 50kg