A centrifugal pump is to transfer a liquid or generate a pressure using centrifugal force that is generated by to spin one or several impeller in sealed case.

Detailed Description

  • Removing the upper(1/4) cover to be able to see the internal structure of machine
  • Understanding the operation principle of centrifugal pump
  • Understanding the structure of centrifugal pump
  • Understanding types of centrifugal pump
  • Learning term of centrifugal pump : Measure of capacity, pressure,
  • Operating with the upper cover removed
  • Adjustable rotation speed control
  • Display of an educational institute and enterprise
  • Training aids for trainees
  • Display of a laboratory
  • Size : 600 * 440 * 500(W*D*H)
  • Operating in fully open state with remove the pump part(1/4)
  • Equip adjustable speed control driver
  • Equip a transparent safety cover(shut down automatically if when cover is opened)