When the input shaft rotated, the disc rotates in cyclo box by the eccentric body then it is rotated as much as one gear teeth per a rotation of the eccentric bearing, At this time, by the rotate motion of the disk rotates output shaft simultaneously and the output shaft rotates at the reduction ratio matching the disk’s arithmetic. It’s able to get the reduction ratio from 1/11 to 1/87 at the 1st gear, it has the characteristics that to show the high efficiency over 90% and strong to shock and a long life time and tiny and light and operating well smoothly and a low noise.

Detailed Description

  • Removing the upper(1/4) cover to be able to see the internal structure of machine
  • Understanding the operation principle of cyclotron reducer
  • Understanding the structure of cyclotron reducer
  • The principle of a big reduction ratio
  • Operating with the upper cover removed
  • Adjustable rotation speed control
  • Display of an educational institute and an enterprise
  • Training aids for trainees
  • Display of a laboratory
  • Size : 600 * 440 * 440(W*D*H)
  • Operating in fully open state with remove the compressor upper part(1/4)
  • Equip adjustable speed control driver
  • Equip a transparent safety cover(shut down automatically if when cover is opened)