Inductive currents that circulate through the metal can be obtained when the metal moves within a magnetic field or lies in a changing magnetic field. These are called “eddy currents” because they have a pattern similar to a ring of vortices.
The force is generated by the magnetic field and the swirl current, and the force is generated in the direction that interferes with the movement of the metal, so that it acts as a braking force.

Detailed Description

• Learning multiple magnetic field with one device
• Variable gap magnet
• Aluminum paddle test (plate, slot plate)
• Eddy current effect
• Learning of ferromagnetism
• Magnet Passing Test in Coils
• Induced voltage test when passing through a magnet in a coil
• Learning the effects of magnetic fields
• Studying Self-braking effects
• Learning the movement of conducting wire in the magnetic field
• Learning principle of motor
• Learning principles of generator