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Experimental Apparatus

It is not easy to understand the physical phenomena described by complex mathematical expressions. Moreover, conceptual understanding of abstract scientific phenomena that are invisible is even more difficult.
Dylab develops and supplies experimental devices to understand the physical phenomena related to noise and vibration.
Visualization using an experimental device allows students to easily understand the physical phenomenon and make them interested in science. In addition, if students participate directly in the experiment using the studying materials included in each experimental apparatus, instead of memorizing the complicated mathematical expressions of the physical phenomenon, students can fully understand the natural phenomenon and remember it for a long time.
Students will have better understanding of the complex phenomenon and creative thinking about science.


Vibration of cantilever beam

VCB-1000 Cantilever beam is a fundamental element applied to bridges, buildings, airplane wings, disc driver levers, and [...]

Spring-Mass System

SMS-700 The spring-mass system is designed for observing the simple harmonic motion of the mass placed on [...]

Plate Vibration Test

PMSA-600 The plate vibration test kit allows visual observation of the mode shape directly at the natural [...]

Pendulum Kit

PMTA-1000 In the single pendulum, the relation between the period and angle of motion according to the [...]

String Vibration Kit

SVTA-900 String vibration is a resonance phenomenon that is often seen in string instruments. To understand precisely [...]

Eddy Current Brake

MD Inductive currents that circulate through the metal can be obtained when the metal moves within a magnetic field or [...]

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