It is a machine vibration simulator designed to generate characteristic vibrations caused by various artificial mechanical failures. It is very suitable for learning machine fault diagnosis by specific vibration pattern that occurs due to various faults of machine parts.

Detailed Description

Many users meet difficulties when using vibration simulator in replacing various defective parts for studying various defects. Removing the normal parts and refitting the defective parts was a difficult task. In this case, additional vibration occurs due to the difference in boundary condition (component variation and assembly state change) due to disassembling and re-assembling, which makes it difficult to keep only the vibration phenomenon caused by the defect.


The MVS-500 is designed to replace components with the normal parts and the defective parts very easy by simply sliding the parts in the stopped state. MVS-500 is designed to eliminate the phenomenon of system change due to disassembly and re-assembly, and to obtain only the difference of vibration signals according to defects.


In particular, it  is possible to change the degree of misalignment defect in the operating state without stopping the simulator. Also it’s very easy to return to normal state. MVS-500 is the best educational simulator for study of machine vibration and condition monitoring.

  • Vibration study due to unbalance
  • Vibration study due to Misalignment
  • Single or multi-stage balancing training
  • Learning rotor(over-hung or between type) balancing
  • Alignment Training
  • Vibration study due to coupling
  • Study of Bearing Defects and Load Effects
  • Vibration study of cocked bearing
  • Vibration of an eccentric rotor
  • Mechanical friction study
  • Study of signal processing technique
  • Optimal sensor location discovery
  • Vibration expert certification test
Electrical Specifications

Motor : ¼ Hp  3-phase AC motor, Siemens

Drive method : Frequency change by inverter (rotation speed change)

Speed Control : 100 ~ 10,000rpm, Rotation knob to adjust the speed arbitrarily

Speed ​​range : 0 to 10,000 rpm Variable

Display 1 : Instantaneous speed display up to 9999 rpm

Display 2 : Vibration rate value [m / s] display (optional)

Switch 1 : Run / Stop switch, when ON operates at the same speed as previously set

Switch 2 : Safety switch that stops operation when the cover is opened

Output terminal : 1 pulse/rotation TTL output, vibration acceleration signal output 100mV/g

Operating voltage : Single phase 220Vac, 60 / 50Hz

Operating environment : -10 to 50 ° C, 35 to 85 RH

Mechanical Specifications

Shaft Diameter : 20mm Steel

Rotor Disk : 154 Փ aluminum, two rows of hole(18 f140 and 18 f120) for balancing mass

Bearing : Sealed Ball Bearing (6204)

Bearing housing : normal and the defective bearing are assembled together and can be shifted left and right

Misalignment : can be adjusted using jack bolt during operation

Loader : 130 Փ rotor giving a load to bearing

Dial Gauge : an alignment indicator with 1/100mm accuracy, which can be used to return to the original position after misalignment operation

Base : precisely machined die-cast aluminum base with 6 rubber foot

Safety Cover : transparent shockproof safety cover with interlock sensor

Size : Width x Depth x Height = 750x320x390 mm

Weight : Approximately 30kg


Defective bearing kit : Inner race defect, Outer race defect, bearing with electrical erosion

Alignment kit : Dial gauge 2 ea, bracket 2 ea, mounting rod, mirror, ruler